Skelet Ostrava

28. října 2566/124, Ostrava MAP 8,8 - 11,7 EUR / m2 / month Available immediately


Excellent connection to D1

Close to the city centre

Energy intensity A

Property details

Access 24/7
Openable windows

Available units

Floor Size Availability Price
1st floor 259 m2 Available immediately 8,8 EUR/m²/month
Ground Floor 214 m2 Available immediately 11,7 EUR/m²/month
Ground Floor 67 m2 Available immediately 11,7 EUR/m²/month
Ground Floor 42 m2 Available immediately 11,7 EUR/m²/month

The aim of the SKELET Ostrava

project is to build a new one The Ostrava Science and Technology Park, which will support the economic development of the region, develop competitiveness and transfer the results of research and development to the market by creating an environment for the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship technologically oriented areas, with particular emphasis on SMART REGIONS, but also help to develop closer cooperation between entrepreneurs, universities and scientific workplaces

The project was supposed to contribute to the gradual transformation of the Ostrava region into a distinctive heavy industry in an area that uses the high level of SMART technology that will be applicable in both buildings, urban infrastructures of agglomerations and regions, and energy technology solutions and other industries.

SMART has a significant share of BIM software, Intelligent Technology Design Software ("Industry 4. 0"), numerical simulation and modeling, including large data processing. From this perspective, it seems that Ostrava is a suitable place for building a science and technology park with a similar because it was only the Technical University in Ostrava where it was recently successful as part of a research and development program for innovation, build a unique supercomputer and educate professionals who develop and use SMART REGIONS software, including simulations and mathematical modeling, to understand.

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