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Helena Hemrová (Hurábová)

Director, Head of Advisory & Transaction – Office +420 603 319 639 helena.hurabova@cbre.com

In my 20 years at CBRE, I can say that I live and breathe for the company and green blood flows through my veins. That’s why I’ve invested many years of experience in acquiring new business, developing existing ones and our department in particular, and mentoring my colleagues. I consider Socialbakers, Dimension Data, Equa Bank and especially Siemens as interesting clients, whose requirements I have understood and helped to solve.

Kateřina Havlová

Director +420 777 962 401 katerina.havlova@cbre.com

I have more than 20 years of experience in real estate, including my time working at CBRE since 2013. My main responsibility is representing landlords of office buildings and being a team leader. I derive great pleasure from making a long-term successful cooperation with the DEKA German investment fund and the recent success of the KPMG client in the Florence Office Center.

Simon Orr

Director +420 702 046 079 simon.orr@cbre.com

My career in real estate started in 2004, including managing my own real estate agency in Scotland and working at CBRE since 2012. In addition to running the Tenant Representation Team, I specialize in representing large international companies looking for spaces in Prague, as well as companies looking for premises in Brno and Ostrava. I speak English, German and Czech with our clients.

Jiří Cacák

Senior Consultant +420 602 308 444 jiri.cacak@cbre.com

I have been a consultant in the field of Office space lease at CBRE since 2012. I specialize in Karlín (Corso Karlín, Rubin and Zirkon) and Prague 6 (Argo, Cube). I’m looking forward to another 19 years on the real estate market in Prague.

Jindřiška Nováková

Senior Consultant +420 601 324 805 jindriska.novakova@cbre.com

I gained rich experience in the field as a real estate agent in the USA. I have been focused on renting offices since 2014, where I can build on my experience. Currently, I am also in charge of representing the LaSalle investment fund, which I am helping to renegotiate the lease conditions of existing tenants and my success so far is representation and relocation of Veeam Software.

Klára Kabátová

Senior Consultant +420 605 584 111 klara.kabatova@cbre.com

I’ve been working in real estate for years and at CBRE since 2013. I am currently responsible for presenting real estate assets, namely clients of REVETAS, KIRKBI, DEKA Immobilien, AXA and Hampshire. One of my successes in 2017 was renegotiating tenant conditions for existing tenants in the A7 Office Center (approx. 12,000 sq m).

Adéla Kudrnáčová

Associate Director +420 727 814 775 adela.kudrnacova@cbre.com

I act on commercial real estate market since 2011 and I have been part of the CBRE Office Agency team since 2014. In CBRE I am part of Tenant representation team with the main responsibility of representing leading companies and advising them on their commercial real estate.

Michaela Čálková

Senior Consultant +420 725 779 655 michaela.calkova@cbre.com

I’ve been responsible for the REICO investment fund portfolio at CBRE since 2016, which includes for example CITY TOWER and Qubix. My aim is to maintain good relationships with current tenants and meet their needs. An excellent result of this effort was the successful renegotiation of the Raiffeisenbank lease.

Tereza Jirotková

Senior Consultant +420 724 026 487 tereza.jirotkova@cbre.com

My job is to represent the tenants throughout the process of searching for new premises as well as discussing existing lease agreements. My priority is to achieve the best possible conditions for my clients. For example, I provided consultancy services to two Chinese banks that have recently joined the Czech market.

Lenka Hrudíková

Coworking & Flexible Office Specialist +420 773 408 138 lenka.hrudikova@cbre.com

Serviced offices and coworking is my world at CBRE. Since April 2019, I am responsible for offering flexible offices that are currently very popular. Whether you are a start-up or a bigger company and are looking for a short-term lease, I will be happy to help you find a suitable space.

Lukáš Šaling

Director, Head of Advisory & Transaction - Industrial & Logistics +420 727 814 778 lukas.saling@cbre.com

I started on the real-estate market in 2006 and at CBRE in 2014. I am mainly responsible for business development, focusing especially on foreign clients and manufacturers operating in the automotive industry. My clients are e.g. FM Logistic, IAC, Lear Corporation and others.

Petr Šimeček

Associate Director +420 725 457 684 petr.simecek@cbre.com

I have been working in CBRE since 2013 and my focus is on real estate transactions. My role is to help clients to dispose or purchase their assets, with accent on investors active in our region and local business development.

Jan Hřivnacký

Associate Director, Head of Industrial Leasing +420 725 944 794 jan.hrivnacky@cbre.com

I have been working at CBRE since 2014, helping clients find suitable sites and premises throughout the country, however my main activities are in North-West, West and South Bohemia. I also support our corporate clients.

Sebastian Kovačič

Senior Consultant - Moravian region +420 737 256 651 sebastian.kovacic@cbre.com

Based in Brno, I am in charge of the CBRE Industrial&Logistics in Moravia, where I can offer first class services to our clients through my previous professional experience in industrial construction and building services.

Tomáš Pícha

Land Acquisition Specialist +420 778 763 725 tomas.picha@cbre.com

After studies in Land Adjustment and Real Estate Trade I worked for public sector. At CBRE I want to use my knowledge and experience to help our clients with acquisitons of new land plots or brownfields which suit their needs.

Ivana Watson

Consultant +420 724 381 601 ivana.watson@cbre.com

I have been operating on the real estate market since 2007. In 2018, I joined CBRE and I am primarily responsible for Prague and Central Bohemia. Key clients include Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker and Česká Lékárna Holding a.s.

Anja Farská

Consultant +420 775 857 069 anja.farska@cbre.com

I am on the real-estate market since 2005. At CBRE, I was head of property management team at first, managing portfolio of our VIP client. In June 2017 I joined Industrial & Logistics team where I support the sales and acquisition.

Martin Laštovička

Junior Consultant +420 770 195 702 martin.lastovicka@cbre.com

I have been in the CBRE industrial team since 2018. My main responsibilities are Hradec Kralove and Pardubice regions. I specialize mainly in finding new opportunities and locations for clients and making sure that our data are up-to-date.

Milan Mašša

Head of Advisory & Transaction Retail +420 724 984 986 milan.massa@cbre.com

I have been working in the Real Estate market since 2008. During my career, I have gained experience in multinational companies and have been involved in the development process. I was also responsible for the entire letting process from concept strategy to letting, in several major shopping centres. At CBRE, my primary responsibility is to lead the retail team and provide a complete range of services to our clients.

Jan Janáček

Associate Director +420 608 775 068 jan.janacek@cbre.com

In the commercial Real Estate market, I try to apply my years of experience in retail, where I had worked in various fashion and sports brands. I have been working at CBRE for the second year now, and my role is to cooperate with the owners of shopping centres as well as interesting retailers and subsequently search for models of mutual cooperation. I also specialise in the leisure sector and try to find suitable locations for clients which offer entertainment and leisure services.

Aleš Nečas

Senior Consultant +420 773 756 193 ales.necas@cbre.com

I have been in the commercial Real Estate market in the Czech Republic since 2007. For the last 3 years, I have worked for CBRE’s shopping centre letting department. My focus is letting in regional cities and an integral part of my work is to participate in the redeveloping of shopping centres or changing their concepts as part of reconstruction or expansion. I am responsible for shopping centres such as Futurum Kolín and Nisa in Liberec.

Naďa Kryglová

Senior Consultant +420 608 262 406 nada.kryglova@cbre.com

I have been in the commercial Real Estate market since 2011. During this time, I had the opportunity to work in the residential and industrial sectors. I joined the CBRE retail team at the beginning of 2016 and my specialization is letting and preparation of letting strategies for shopping centres with a focus on Prague. My key project is the Letňany Shopping Centre, which underwent a demanding reconstruction in 2018.

Radana Malásková

Senior Consultant - Moravian region +420 775 860 729 radana.malaskova@cbre.com

I have been with the CBRE retail team since 2015. I specialise in the whole Moravia region and in the popular Food & Beverage sector. I can make use of my 15-year experience in retail industry primarily in detailed project knowledge and market position of tenants. I cooperate with clients such as: CBRE GI, CPI, Standard Life, Pradera, Raiffeisen Bank and many others.

Michaela Lusková

Junior Consultant - Moravian region +420 778 719 133 michaela.luskova@cbre.com

I joined the CBRE retail team in mid-2018, and I try to make the best use of my experience in both property management and retail. My focus is on leasing shopping centre units, monitoring current trends and introducing new brands to the Moravia region. On my projects I try to create a quality tenant structure so that the profit for the client is as high as possible.

Lucie Romeo

Consultant +420 774 966 710 lucie.romeo@cbre.com

I joined the CBRE retail team in the second half of 2017. I specialise in renting retail units on Prague shopping streets and working closely with shopping centres and office developers. I help prospective retailers with the beginning of expansion when entering the Czech market and searching for suitable locations. With more than five years of experience in the business sector, I can predict all the diverse customer needs.

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