VGP park Prostějov

Prostějov MAP Available in 3 months


Energy intensity G

Property details


Available units

Unit Size Availability
B 21 800 m2 Available in 9 months
C 9 000 m2 Available in 9 months
A 15 000 m2 Available in 3 months

Strategically positioned in the centre of Moravia, VGP Park Prostějov is an ideal place for your logistical, industrial, or commercial activities.

The park is situated in the eastern part of the city of Prostějov, in close vicinity to the D46 motorway connecting Prostějov and Olomouc (20 km), and to the D1 motorway connecting to the metropolis of Brno (65 km). Prostějov, a city with 45,000 inhabitants, has a strong industrial tradition, particularly in the clothing and textile industry.

Among the location’s main advantages are its transport infrastructure, including connection through an on-site siding to a Czech Railways train station, and a high-quality workforce. In an area of ca 137,000 m2 of the former Oděvní podnik clothing factory, developer plans to develop more than 51,000 m2 of lettable area.

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