Guide to finding a new industrial property

If an existing space
is available, you can start
to use it in just
a few weeks.

There are fewer smaller warehouses,
so it is better to not
restrict your search to
a narrow range of localities.

Large warehouses
are found on the outskirts
of larger cities and on the
border with Germany.

Before you start searching


Are you interested in the proximity of the city, access to the motorway or a region where you can easily find new employees?


How big is your production, warehouse or e-shop? Do you need larger or preferably smaller spaces or are you considering building a new industrial hall?

Our consultants will advise you on the advantages of larger and smaller spaces.

When do you need the spaces? Do you need to choose from existing spaces or can you wait for new construction?


What is the required height of the hall? Do you need parking, cross docking, heating or cooling? Should modern offices be part of the property?

How to search for industrial properties with us

We will give you an overview of the options

We will make an overview of all the premises fitting your requirements, specifying all the advantages, disadvantages and prices.

REMEMBER: We have an overview of more than 840 industrial properties throughout the Czech Republic.
We can arrange a tender

We will prepare a complete comparison of offers, and organise a tender and viewings of suitable premises.

RECOMMENDATION: Price is not the only factor when deciding and the best offer may not always be the least expensive.
Choosing a winning bid

We will help you choose the winner from several finalists and negotiate specific terms.

DID YOU KNOW: You can get a rent-free period and other incentives? Ask your consultant for more details.
Signing the basic conditions

With your signatures, you and the landlord will confirm the negotiated conditions and the subsequent steps.

THIS MEANS: You will sign a Letter of Intent or Head of Terms
Signing the lease agreement

Following the final agreement, you will sign the lease agreement and take over the spaces.

DID YOU KNOW: The contract contains conditions such as work schedule, date of deposit, etc.?
Start of operation

You will always know in advance when you can start using the spaces. It always depends on the availability and building modifications.

DID YOU KNOW: Our Building Consultancy Department can also help you with technical requirements?

We will find the perfect spaces for you

Please leave your contact details and a short description of your enquiry.
We will get back to you soon.

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