SmartZone D1

Brno MAP Available in 9 months


Small A-class units, ideal for production

Location Brno west, next to highway

Energy intensity B

Property details


Available units

Unit Size Availability
Hala A 3 896 m2 Available in 9 months
Hala B 3 744 m2 Available in 9 months

Lease a warehouse in SmartZone D1

CBRE offers for lease a commercial park consisting of modern industrial premises, suitable for production, warehousing, and/or showrooms.

The total space for the lease is 10,000 sqm, divided into two buildings, providing 14 property units. These units will be small and flexible, with the possibility of merging the units to the needs of the tenant. They range in size from 650 sqm up to 1950 sqm.

Technical Standard.

The project will offer high technical standards, which includes a clear height of 6 m, with a floor loading capacity of 5 t/sqm. The structure of the building is a reinforced concrete skeleton. The façade is made of sandwich mineral wool panels with excellent fire resistance as well as thermal insulation. Lighting will be emitted through the hall by the 200 lux and the natural lighting provided by the skylights (ceiling windows). The regulations of the heating and ventilation will be moderated by the gas heater (Robury) and each unit has a built-in section door that is sized to 4x4,1m.

The project will be situated in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. More precisely in Troubsko, a village 9 kilometres (12 min) South West of Brno’s city centre. The accessibility it offers is great, its close to the D1 highway via exit 182 and 190 as well as the regular bus routes (lines 51, 403, 404).

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