Contera park Mošnov

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Next to the international airport Leoš Janáček

Qualified labour fource

Energy intensity G

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Available units

Unit Size Availability
Hall A, unit 2 1 290 m2 Now available
hall B 12 000 m2 Available in 9 months

Logistics space for lease in Vector Parks Mošňov

Vector Parks Ostrava – Mošnov is a modern industrial park located directly at the Ostrava – Mošnov International Airport. It offers excellent access to the D1 and D48 highways. The park is easily accessible by public transport systems; stops are right at the entrance to the park. Thanks to its unique location, the park provides a great opportunity for tenants who can take advantage of the strategic location, especially fast connection to the air, highway, and rail network.

Suitable for logistics

Lease of warehouse space and production space Ostrava – Mošnov is a unique opportunity for clients specializing in logistics and light manufacturing. The companies will take advantage of the park's attractive location, which offers everything that tenants need. The park provides unique conditions for business activities, including a road and rail freight terminal.

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