CTPark Hranice

Hranice MAP Now available


CTPark Hranice has cost-effective strategic location

Proximity to existing automotive and high-tech supply chains

Energy intensity G

Property details


Available units

Unit Size Availability
E1 B 236 m2 Now available
Jumbo 4a 2 890 m2 Now available
HR4 C 3 552 m2 Now available
HR5 27 884 m2 Available in 6 months
HR2/3 13 440 m2 Available in 12 - 18 months
HR2/4 10 080 m2 Available in 12 - 18 months
Jumbo 3a 884 m2 Now available
Jumbo 5b 1 740 m2 Now available
Large F 1 415 m2 Now available
Large D 714 m2 Now available
Large E 872 m2 Now available
HR3/1 6 554 m2 Available in 12 - 18 months
E3 441 m2 Now available

Lease a warehouse in CTPark Hranice

CTPark Hranice is strategically located with direct motorway access to Olomouc (40km), Ostrava (60km) and Poland/Katowice (145km). The park is located nearby existing automotive and high-tech supply chain routes. The park’s accessibility is enhanced by an on-site rail link and nearby Ostrava airport (40km).

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