Náměstí Svobody Brno

Náměstí Svobody , Brno MAP 15 000 m2 50 units


The main square in Brno

Close to busy streets

Anchor tenants

Urban Store

Commercial premises for rent in the center of Brno

Náměstí Svobody is the main square in Brno historic center. The square is followed by two frequented streets: Masarykova and Česká. Every year, a number of events take place here, which attract many visitors and tourists - Easter markets, St. Martin's or Christmas festivities. At the square, visitors will find for example New Yorker and Urban Store clothing stores, Fann perfumery, Grand Optical and a wide range of restaurants and cafes.

Are you interested in renting a shop in Brno but Náměstí Svobody is not the right one for you? Take a look at our wide range in this location.

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