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About Workplace Strategies

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The workplace of today has a number of shortcomings. Most office space is used inefficiently, lacking both energy and inspiration. Nevertheless, a number of everyday business processes and activities can be supported by an appropriate layout. New technologies affect the way we work and communicate, and our work environment should be adapted to meet these changes. Team work is crucial and adapting work environments should be encouraged.

Workplace Strategies is the process correctly identifying qualitative and quantitative space requirements that are appropriate for meeting the needs of your company. We see an opportunity to create a quality workplace that will function as a strategic asset for you and your company. The world is changing, ushering in transformations in the way we work as well as where we work. Each of our office concepts is tailor-made to meet the specific needs and processes of your company.

Our services in the field of Workplace Strategies help office tenants to implement better organizational structures and greater cooperation, providing cost savings, space savings and higher usage efficiency.

How can we help you?

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We are your strategic partner for selecting and implementing an appropriate office concept that will meet the strategic goals of your company. The basis of your new office concept is prepared through careful analysis, discussion and measuring the occupancy rate.

We create a draft office concept that corresponds to your principles in close cooperation with you, which serves as the input for planning your spatial and functional requirements. The result of this phase is that you will know exactly what office space you need and what criteria they must meet. This will make selecting the building considerably easier and provide all the necessary inputs designing a suitable office space.

Our assistance in managing change is a given, and if you decide to implement an innovative office concept we ensure that the new arrangements will be positively embraced and successfully implemented.

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year

The CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition aims to show the most interesting working environment of firms in the Czech Republic, as modern day office space also offers many features and details that are worth discovering, admiring and appreciating. Therefore, the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year contest wants to introduce corporate values and philosophies which strive to create an inspiring and creative working environment.

Join this year’s competition at www.zasedackaroku.cz

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Workplace Strategies process

Workplace Strategies team

Filip Muška, Project Manager, Workplace Strategies
Tel.: 731 479 203

Karel Loupal, Project Manager, Design
Tel.: 774 409 384

Why use the Workplace Strategies solution?

  • Optimize the size of the rented space /more effective use of space
  • Reduce operating and input costs
  • ​Improve internal communications, information sharing and mutual cooperation
  • Increase productivity and thus directly proportional to corporate profitability
  • Strengthen the image, corporate culture and authenticity
  • Consolidating loyalty and team spirit (i.e. the “We Factor“)
  • Increase prestige and attractiveness (attracting and retaining talent)
  • Increase flexibility (the ability to react to dynamic market changes)
  • Growth possibilities without increasing your current premises
  • Ensure  well-being and thus related creativity
  • A balanced combination of different types of workplaces that allows each employee to choose exactly the kind of workplace that offer the best conditions for the task/activity without the negative effects arising from applying a uniform solution 

Our presence in the media

“An attractive atmosphere proves to be great marketing and is an increasingly powerful tool for attracting talent, as proven by Google or Microsoft. At the same time, it motivates employees in the long term unlike the salary increases.“

explains Filip Muska.

“All space is shared and no one has their own desks, making it possible for offices to accommodate different types of work spaces that are suitable for different activities. Employees can then choose where to sit, depending on what they are doing,”

went on to add Filip Muska.

Benefits of Workplace Strategies and its value added


The possibility of flexibility increases productivity and overall employee engagement.

Interaction and Cooperation

Cooperation as a key factor in creating business value.

Strong Image

Promotes corporate image and corporate culture, as well as the authenticity of the environment, both to clients and to employees.

Financial Efficiency

A concept that allows you to effectively reinvest money into staff, infrastructure and the work environment.

Workplace Comfort

The more comfortable the workplace is, the more the facilities and building certification increase productivity.

Future Challenges

New office concepts allow companies to grow without the need to increase their office space.