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Sep 5, 2017

EPRIN spol. s r.o. Moving to Technology Park Brno

Our Brno office has another success - we adviced on new premises for company EPRIN spol. s r.o. This client gave us an uneasy task - to find premies in ratio production : offices 1:1. From the headline you already know we found a soulution...

From September, company EPRIN is newly located in Technology Park Brno. This park was the only one which could offer an existing unit and met the strict requirements of the client. The new space is consolidation of client's operations and serves also as representative premises for headquarters of the leader in the field of automatic identification in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The case was managed by Sebastian Kovačič. If interested, find more details in our press release.

Congratulations to EPRIN and we wish to all employees and clients satisfaction with the new location.