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Jul 3, 2017
More than 40% new supply in 2017 is expected to be delivered in West Northwest Bohemia

West Northwest Bohemia Leading in Terms of Industrial Construction

According to the latest CBRE analysis of the Czech Industrial & Logistics market, CBRE monitors a significant increase in West Northwest Bohemia in terms of new industrial construction. Combined with already strong activity in West Bohemia, the region of West Northwest Bohemia currently represents the most active region in the terms of construction activity for the first time in history and even outpacing the Greater Prague Region.

The West Northwest Bohemia region will be a driver of new supply in 2017 and together with the Greater Prague area will account for approximately 80% of newly to be delivered space in the Czech Republic in 2017.

Demand in the region has been historically dominated by manufacturing companies but has been outpaced by logistics end-users in 2016. We expect that demand from both groups of end-users will continue to be strong also in 2017 and more or less in balance going forward.

Details on our web: http://news.cbre.cz/cbre-west-northwest-bohemia-leading-in-terms-of-construction-activity-on-industrial--logistics-market/