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Aug 15, 2016
Sunlight will bring joy also to Western Prague…

Lightway company filled the very last available unit of the industrial hall C in the Business Park Chrášťany

The cooperation between companies Lightway and CBRE resulted in the last unit rented in the Industrial Hall C of the Business Park Chrášťany.

The aim of Czech producer is to bring the sunlight into every dark corner not just in offices or industrial buildings but also in family houses. They turn „dark caves“ into „sunlit spaces“ without electric energy since 1999.

During less then two months since the first touch, the deal was made. The Lease Agreement was signed for 550 m² of warehouses and 150 m² of offices. By this contract the last units of the C Hall in the Business Park Chrášťany were filled up. Amesbury – investment and development company – got a stimuli for building another hall – D. In this D Industrial Hall would be possible to rent the same-size units as in the C Hall. Expected date is in March/April 2017.

Lightway will use this rented space as a warehouse and offices but also as a showroom, where the technology of sunlight tunnels will be performed.