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May 22, 2015
A global provider of logistics services, leased warehouse space in Prologis Park.

The logistics company Neovia is entering the Czech market

The company NEOVIA Logistics, a leading provider of logistics services and winner of the tender for logistics operations for the company Bosal, entering for the first time in the Czech Republic. In September this year will move into the Prologis Park Jirny.

CBRE was approached by NEOVIA to provide consulting services and selecting a suitable site for theit logistic parks. One of the main requirements was the location that was pre-selected because of the company's headquarters Bosal in Brandys nad Labem. CBRE has offered several options and Prologis Park Jirny was choosen as the most appropriate.

In April this year, will NEOVIA temporarily moved into a space of 6,000 sq m from September to expand its activities to the required 12.000 sq m. Expansion will take place in the same hall.