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Apr 10, 2015
German logistics company Fiege in March has moved into Prologis Park.

Fiege has occupied more space in Uzice

One of the most successful providers of logistics services in Europe, the German company Fiege with the help of CBRE leased another 4,000 sq m of warehouse space at ProLogis Park. It benefits from excellent access to major roads leading from Prague to northern Bohemia, Germany and the international port of Hamburg.

Fiege is a tenant in Uzice since the summer of this year, which has leased 8,000 sq m for storing footwear and retail goods. Now it is the logistics of the world's leading tire manufacturer Hankook. Fiege operates on the Czech market since 1998 and now expanded its services in logistics tires.

The original intention of the storage areas in the north of Prague in size from 1.000 to 3.000 sq m. CBRE  offered four a suitable locations, while the company Prologis provide suitable premises in the same building, which has been used by Fiege. "Rental of additional storage space in ProLogis is an important step in spreading our distribution strategy in Europe," said Willi Richter, Managing Director of Fiege in the Czech Republic.

Removal took place in March 2015.