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Nov 29, 2015
Nupharo technological and innovative center begins its trial operation in the Ústecký region, thus concludes the two-year-long campus construction phase. The campus stretches on a 7 ha area along the highway, which connects Prague, Dresden and Berlin.

The Nupharo Campus begins its trial operation

The first tenants, who will be residing within the Nupharo Campus from December 2015 onwards, are the German electronics repairs and revision van Eupen company, the international transportation company Hannah Masters, the Armax company, which provides CNC machining, sanding, and valves production, and the Center for research of energetic utilization of lithosphere. The Lunch service company will run the Campus restaurant. The strategic partner of the project is the technological concern, ABB, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Nupharo Campus is a unique project, which connects the functions of a commercial park, serves as technological and innovative center, is the center for technologies transfer, and has some very energetically economical production and modern and administration space at its disposal, all that is suitable to the needs of both smaller and larger firms.

Consequently, the Campus provides comfortable environment and services in the areas of EU financing and connections to a community of experts to its users. In the future, it is planned to offer services connected with a modern conference center, hotel, nursery school and space for active relaxation. It is convenient for those who work at the campus, but it is also open for the public, for which, several upcoming events are planned out.

“The opening and trial operation represent the pinnacle of last months’ tremendous effort for the whole Nupharo team. The project is very complex and we are glad that we have overcome the deep waters. Of course, there is a lot of swimming to be done in order to properly build up the Campus functions, and through that, we can attract the right kinds of partners and other companies that will be utilizing our services and space,” commented Milan Gánik, the CEO of the project. “In order to fulfill the expectations of the local community, our Czech and international partners, and more importantly, in order to make a difference in the Ústecký region.” Jana Ryšlinková, the project co-founder confesses.

The Grand opening and Campus introduction to the public is planned for spring 2016.

Nupharo Campus is a technological and innovative center, which offers a distinctive environment and an access to unique know-how and technologies to its clients in order to ensure that clients‘ innovative ideas can be tested and commercially introduced to the market.