The Office Agency defended its position as a market leader in 2018

The Office Agency has had a great year. The team followed up on their work from the previous year, thanks to the closure of 171 transactions in the range of more than 138 thousand square meters of leased area, its position as a market leader remains uncompromised. The share of this fantastic result is achieved by completed transactions with Siemens, Strabag or Edwards Lifesciences.

„I always rejoice when the hard work of the year brings so many positive results. We have great new cooperation, important clients have trust in us, which I appreciate tremendously and at the same time it is a certain confirmation that we are doing well. Sincere thanks to the whole team," sums up the results of Helena Hurábová, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services – Office

56% share of the market share from the perspective of Landlord representation

The Office Agency team maintained its top position on the market, both from the viewpoint of the landlord’s representation with a total area of 73,223 sqm and in terms of office occupier with a space of 64,932 sqm. In the last quarter of 2018 the area of landlord representation, acquired 56% of the office space market (22 633 m2).

Kateřina Havlová, Associate Director and team leader Landlord Representation team, adds: "The largest transactions occurred on the Lighthouse and Gemini buildings from the DEKA Immobilien, City Tower and Qubix from the portfolio of the Reico Investment Company and the Argo Alpha building, which belongs to the company Peakside. The team managed to maintain key tenants on our managed buildings, in many cases they were expanding, but at the same time we welcomed new interesting clients on these buildings. But we would not achieve such results without the personal attitude and professionalism of our consultants"

MultiSport Benefit, Strabag or Yves Rocher have new offices thanks to CBRE

During the year 2018, the Office Agency established cooperation with new prestigious clients, who contributed to positive results. New premises in the City Element building in Prague Pankráci found, for example, the Czech branch of the World cosmetics brand Yves Rocher. Thanks to the great work of the Office Agency, the Multisport Benefit company docked in the Pankrác House building and the roof systems specialist Bramac settled in the Prosek Point building. Last year, however, there was also the completion of several office buildings, which were chosen by the other clients. Maersk occupied one of the last vacant spaces in the AFI Karlín building and the leading construction company Strabag chose the Dynamica building for its new home. Meanwhile, Praga Studios building was chosen by Edwards Lifesciences.

Key cooperation with Siemens

A key transaction for CBRE was a long-term lease for Siemens in the City West buildings in the Prague Stodůlky. It was one of the most significant transactions of the past year. "We have been working on this contract for almost two years and we are very pleased that Siemens chose CBRE. In addition, Siemens decided to expand the City West in the course of the year, making the leased area larger than 25 600 sqm," adds Simon Orr, Associate Director and team leader of Office Occupier team.

Richard Curran, Managing Director and Head of Office sector adds: "I‘m proud of the outcome of the Office Agency. The key to success is close cooperation with other departments, in particular with the Department of Property Management and Building Consultancy."

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I‘m proud of the outcome of the Office Agency. The key to success is close cooperation with other departments, in particular with the Department of Property Management and Building Consultancy.

Richard Curran