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Tenant Representation

About Tenant Representation

About Tenant Representation

Our Tenant Representation Team (experts representing tenants) helps you find and measure leases while optimizing the costs of current and new office space. A team of reliable and independent specialists stand at your side throughout the whole process.

What can we help you with?

  • Finding office space that best supports your needs and profitability
  • Preparing a complete overview of available office space
  • Gaining information about the latest market trends, including how your competitors are dealing with their office spaces
  • Preparing detailed financial analysis for selected space options
  • Providing advice to tenants on additional benefits can be gained by closing a lease agreement
  • Ensuring operational and operating costs
  • Renegotiating optimal lease terms for your current office space
  • Designing and compliance to the project schedule
  • Providing a comprehensive evaluation, comparing different buildings in different locations
  • Properly placing of your existing office space
  • Optimizing the size of the space leased
  • Increasing the efficiency of utilizing space 
Added value and benefits of tenant representation

Added value and benefits of tenant representation

The cost of office space is the second highest expenditure for most companies after employee salaries, making the slightest cost savings in office space has an immediate impact on profitability.

On the other hand, excessive savings on office space can have a negative impact on the optimal performance of employees and may lead to worsening teamwork.

Therefore, it is very important to find the right balance between quality and cost for office space. CBRE will help you find the right office space, as attractive spaces help retain satisfied and productive employees while simultaneously strengthening team spirit, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Tenant Representation Team

Simon Orr
Associate Director, Head of Tenant Representation
+420 702 046 079


I have been working in the real estate market for more than 11 years, including 4 years in the UK. I specialize in providing consultancy in leasing office space and participate in developing new business opportunities in global corporate services.

Adéla Kudrnáčová
Senior Consultant
727 814 775


I have been working on the commercial property market for almost 6 years. I am part of a team representing tenants, where my main responsibility is representing leading companies and consulting in the field of commercial real estate.
Why use the services provided by Tenant Representation?

Why use the services provided by Tenant Representation?

Corporate headquarters also reflect the architectural successes of any large company. The location, functionality and interior not only influence the good name of the company, but also the productivity of its employees, level of internal cooperation, employee engagement and their satisfaction. At the same time, office rental expenses are one of the major costs for companies, which we can optimize and ensure that they correspond to the market situation.


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