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May 31, 2018
They have earned their promotion thanks in particular to their experience, market knowledge and respect that they have gained, not only among their colleagues, but especially among our clients.

Five members of the Office Agency team have been promoted

April is usually a month at CBRE in which the results of the first quarter are being evaluated and the promotion of our hard-working colleagues is announced. Within the Office Agency, this pleasant news was about five colleagues that we consider to be indispensable members of the team. They have earned their promotion thanks in particular to their experience, market knowledge and respect that they have gained, not only among their colleagues, but especially among our clients.


Helena Hurábová

People come and go, but some remain ˗˗ some of them for twenty years. One of these fixed stars is Helena Hurábová, who has been appointed as a Director. Helena is a key member of the team that literally lives and breathes for it. She started as a team assistant in the company, rising through positions such as Consultant, Senior Consultant and Associate Director before her current position as a Director. She invests her rich experience in acquiring new business, developing existing ones and especially mentoring our colleagues in our department. Nobody in our company deserves their promotion more than Helena. As well as being the leading agent on the office market, she is a cheerleader for CBRE, a hugely positive person and a role model to many in the office. It has been an absolute honour to work with her for the last 14 years and to have been her friend for even longer,” said Richard Curran, Managing Director of CBRE.

Jiří Cacák

Jiří Cacák was promoted to the position of Senior Consultant after five years at CBRE from the position of Consultant. During his twenty years of experience in the real estate market, he has gained a wealth of experience that he uses to find the most suitable space for his clients. If you are looking for office space in Prague 8 and Prague 6, Jiří is the right person to turn to, as he knows the buildings in Karlín like for example Corso Karlín, Rubin, Zirkon or Argo and Cube in Veleslavín like the back of his hand. “Our clients enjoy working with Jirka because they know they can rely on what he says, and he always finds the right solution for their space requirements as well as the problems that clients can face,” said Kateřina Havlová, Associate Director of the Office Agency Team.

Klára Kabátová

Klára Kabátová, who is celebrating 5 years at CBRE this year, was promoted to Senior Consultant. Her specialization is presenting real estate assets. Among her clients are REVETAS, KIRKBI, DEKA Immobilien, AXA and Hampsire. She considers one of her professional successes to be renegotiating rental conditions in the A7 Office Center complex (about 11,000 sq m in total). In addition to her work achievements, we appreciate Klára’s consistently positive outlook, which helps maintain a good mood in the team. Kateřina Havlová added: “Klara always focuses to keep our clients and prospective tenants satisfied with her performance because it not only reflects her personality but also the whole company. She takes great pains to make sure the company's reputation remains unblemished.”

Jindřiška Nováková

Jindřiška Nováková has also just become a Senior Consultant. Jindřiška began her career in real estate in the US in 2004, where she worked until 2011. She has been focused on renting offices at CBRE since 2014. Helena Hurábová, Director of Office Agency, said about Jindřiška: “She has become a very important and indispensable member of our team throughout her work. She handles each transaction very carefully and always tries to think of the best solution for the client. She’s a very positive woman who has earned great respect for her work from the landlords and tenants on the Prague market.”

Michaela Miženková

Michaela Miženková joined the Office Agency team in April 2016 as a Team Assistant. In addition to providing full administrative support, she participated in several smaller transactions during this time. The most interesting ones are, for example, the renting of 117 sq m in Na Příkopě Street and 224 sq m in BB Center Beta. Her great potential has not gone unnoticed, which means that Míša was promoted to Junior Consultant. “During her tenure as a team coordinator, Míša tried to help brokers with smaller demands in addition to her own work. Thanks to the fact that she managed to make several transactions last year, I’m very happy to have moved her to the position of Junior Consultant, where I believe she’ll be very successful,” said Helena Hurábová.

All mentioned have contributed to CBRE maintaining its leading position in the market thanks to its first-class customer approach and we wish them many more successful years in the Office Agency Team.