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Jul 18, 2017
The office is the first impression people have of how it will be to work with you and that is becoming more and more important.

Ladislav Kučera

Managing Director of Hays

How to successfully recruit even when the unemployment rate is low?

Since 2013 the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic started to gradually decrease from the level of 7%. As of Q2 2017, the Czech Republic reported an unemployment rate of 3.3%, the lowest in the EU, consequently the debate about the availability of staff has been intensifying, ie. Are there enough people available? What can companies do in order to attract new personnel?

JobsIndex Survey

Currently there are 356,000 people registered at job centres across the whole of the Czech Republic. In reality, many more people are willing to change their current jobs. According to a JobsIndex survey performed by LMC (a HR consultancy), more than one third of all employees are not satisfied with their current jobs, mainly due to either dissatisfaction with their salary, a negative working environment or low motivation in their current positions. As a result, these people are more willing to change jobs, and therefore should be considered as a target group for employers who need to hire new staff. In absolute numbers, this is a pool of more than 1,700,000 new potential employees!

Salaries, Benefits and Workplace

What factors help companies in recruiting new staff? Besides increasing salaries or providing workers‘ benefits, the working environment also plays a crucial role when candidates make a decision about a new job. It is the overall vibe of a workplace, from the general office layout and quality of space, the provision of break rooms and non-work related amenities, through to co-worker dynamics and the company culture, all of which are important considerations for workers when selecting an employer. Apart from that, these factors also have a significant impact on a team’s (and ultimately on the company’s) performance.

How to Guarantee a Loyalty of Employees

In summary, a more employee-centric workplace should be a significant element of a successful recruitment strategy especially in times of low unemployment. Those companies who understand and implement this, stand to benefit, no matter how competitive the labour market is.