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Apr 4, 2016

“A good address” and other requirements of a successful law firm

Suitable premises are a key precondition for the successful operation of any company. With this in mind, what do suitable premises look like? Unfortunately, this question often goes unanswered in the real world. Of course, each company has their own specific requirements. Office requirements also vary according to the area of activity.

Law firm offices are unique from others, in that they are mainly based in the Prague city centre, with limited accessibility by car together with shortage of parking spaces, among other things.

Unlike the open space offices - law offices are typically closed and smaller. However, office companies lead in the the number of employees per total area. According to CBRE findings, the average law firm has about 25 employees in a total area of 280 m2 of office space.

What do typical law firms look like?

Maximum comfort for employees, partners and clients, with an exclusive work environment and a prestigious address are the typical requirements of a typical corporate office.

According to a study entitled LAW IN EUROPE, published by CBRE, European law firms are used to comfort, exclusivity and paying for prestige, which is also reflected in higher rents. According to the study, up to 50% of law firms paid up to 10% more than the usual market price.

Price for law firms is not the deciding factor. W hen choosing a specific localition, other factors prevail, namely the attractiveness of the location is important

Where are law firms located?

Established and emerging law firm are built on the satisfaction of its clients. Clients and business partners must perceive prestigious services and feel certain of the credibility of the company. Perception and customer satisfaction is also largely influenced by the location. Especially in the early years, it helps law firms to be based in a representative building with necessary prestige. A good address is one of the fundamental preconditions for the success of any law firm.

Prestigious addresses in Prague

Prestigious addresses in Prague are mostly located in the historical centre of Prague 1 and Prague 2, associated with their unmistakable atmosphere and spirit of the centuries with the comfort of the interior and modern technologies. Successful law firms are found in Prague 1, Prague 2 and nearby. The buildings have to be representative both inside and out.

There is good public transport as well as easy accessibility by car. However, law firms place an emphasis on the spatial and thermal comfort, a pleasant and dignified environment, modern facilities and practicality, as well as trouble-free operations and safety.

Even in the busy historic centre, offices must provide a quiet and intimate atmosphere, suitable for difficult negotiations, while still prizing the availability of stylish cafés and dining options. Many clients or partners also welcome less formal meetings with good coffee or a delicious lunch at an excellent restaurant, which obviously come in handy for employees as well. The advantage of offices being located in the city is also the availability of authorities.

Are you choosing spaces for your law firm?

You can be inspired by other law firms. For example, exclusive and prestigious environments and convenient address can be found at Myslbek, Myslíkova 12 and Myslíkova 31, Římská 20, Valdek, Jungmannova Plaza or Mánesova 92.


Exclusive spaces, which underwent extensive renovations in 2014 and now offers perfect facilities, a reception and lift lobby. You can use several entrances with a reception and a prestigious business address at Na Prikope – welcome to Myslbek.

Enjoy the comfortable offices, modern equipment, parking spaces and a range of cafes, restaurants and shops in the building. There is also a postal service.

For more information, contact Jindřiška Nováková: jindriska.novakova@cbre.com.

Myslíkova 12

On the border of Prague 1 and 2 is a historic building with a terrace and views of the events in the typical streets of Prague. Myslíkova 12 is a building situated in a location with excellent transport links to all parts of Prague, boasting of its proximity to Václavské náměstí or Karlova náměstí.

It offers a pleasant environment, a relaxing terrace and excellent amenities.

For more information, contact Klára Kabátová: klara.kabatova@cbre.com.

Myslíkova 31

Parking, security service and reception are a given at the Myslíkova 31 building. The location excels in particular due to its prestigious location in close proximity to the heart of the Czech capital and excellent access to civic services.

For more information, contact Klára Kabátová: klara.kabatova@cbre.com.

Římská 20

Fitzwilliam Business Center is the name of the building, which stands in Vinohrady. The glorious building offers perfectly functional and modern spaces, with a lobby with a reception and 24-hour security. Shops, restaurants, cafes and banks are available in close proximity.

For more information, contact Klára Kabátová: klara.kabatova@cbre.com.


Prague's Vinohrady and views looking into náměstí Míru - these make up the character of the historic Valdek buildings. Valdek catches attention not only due to its prestigious location, but also its appearance. The interiors are decorated in the Art Deco style, but offer modern facilities, a central lobby, elevators, air conditioning and a 24-hour security.

Valdek boasts excellent amenities, access to public transportation, but is also near the city's main arterial road.

For more information, contact Klára Kabátová: klara.kabatova@cbre.com.

Jungmannova Plaza

Jungmannova Plaza is an administrative centre that connects the original historic building with a new modern rear wing. While the original building stands out with its interesting historical facade, the new part of the building is tiled in sandstone with a glass eastern side. It has a captivating view of the beautiful Franciscan Garden.

Jungmannova Plaza offers even more – an atrium covered in greenery, complemented by a backlit water cascade that captures ones attention even before entering the reception area.

For more information, contact Kateřina Havlová: katerina.havlova@cbre.com.

Mánesova 92

The office complex of Mánesova 92 is just a short walk from Jiřího z Poděbrad Square, near the Flora shopping centre, which offers the atmosphere of historic Prague and the comfort of a modern city. Due to recent renovation, the interiors are very pleasant and extremely bright, offering a representative look with its high ceilings.

For more information, contact Jiří Cacák: jiri.cacak@cbre.com.