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Mar 14, 2016

Prague - The Seat of the Most Important Pharmaceutical Companies

Even before the turn of the millennium, the pharmaceutical industry had become a key player driving the demand for prestigious office space in Prague, as it does today. While other sectors over the past years have recorded stagnation, the pharmaceutical industry continues to increase its share in the area of office space leased in Prague.

The demand of pharmaceutical companies for quality office space has not stopped. Besides the fields of information and communication technologies and professional services, the pharmaceutical industry currently ranks among the four largest players in the market demand for commercial real estate in Prague.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Boom

According to data from CBRE, it has taken pharmaceutical companies just five years to close almost one hundred contracts for leasing office space. The whole industry is experiencing positive development, which is naturally reflected in the property market.

This development reflects the effort of pharmaceutical companies to move the majority of their operations to Prague, as it is not only the political, social and cultural centre of the Czech Republic, but also the centre of trade, where a significant amount of business takes place. For all other business locations, Prague is a key transportation hub, which benefits pharmaceutical companies that employ sales representatives operating both in Prague and throughout the country. Companies place great emphasis on ensuring maximum comfort for their distributers.

Prague is particularly well-suited to offer pharmaceutical companies the most prestigious, modern and sophisticated office spaces, which seamlessly meet all requirements of business representatives, employees, customers and partners.

A Historic City Offering Innovative Office Space

Pharmaceutical companies are interested in highly representative spaces, choosing the most interesting prestigious offices in the most lucrative locations. They require a high standard and equipment using advanced and innovative technologies, which directly correlates to a fully functional work environment that ensures efficiency and internal communication. Of course, there is also excellent transport accessibility, especially by car, and a sufficient number of parking spaces.

Where Are the Largest Pharmaceutical Companies Located?

Three-quarters of pharmaceutical companies have entered into a contract to lease offices in the past five years, focused on Prague 4, Prague 5 and Prague 6. Nearly half of them have moved to Smíchov and Pankrác. Currently, the biggest global market-leading pharmaceutical players can be found in Prague 4, 5 or 6, including Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Synlab and Sanofi.

Administrative buildings meet the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical companies, which are located:

In Prague 4

In Prague 5

Or in Prague 6 (all buildings can be found in Evropská)

Evropská Belongs to Pharmaceutical Companies

The Argo Alpha office complex is located northwest of the capital’s city centre, which is home to the well-known pharmaceutical company Sanofi, one of many companies located here –to which you could also belong.

The Argo Alpha Complex is located in Prague 6, in Evropská Street, boasting excellent access to the international airport Václav Havel Airport Prague and the Prague ring road. The complex is adjacent to a prominent residential area and the Šárka nature reserve. There is a breath-taking view of the green valley from the office windows.

Argo Alpha offers much more – a large floor plan, state of the art office spaces, the latest technologies, efficiency and a functional design, all creating a perfect working environment.

In Evropská Street in Prague 6 there is also the  Hadovka Office Park, which is closely linked with the Prague ring road and airport and offers excellent accessibility by car. In addition, it is also accessible by public transport, standing almost at the Dejvická metro station.

Hadovka Office Park is a modern office complex of three buildings with four entrances and a parking capacity of more than 400 places. There are high-end restaurants and cafes located directly in the building, with active relaxation offered by a fitness centre, which is also part of the complex.

Not only pharmaceutical companies appreciate prestige office space; however, they may serve as an inspiration in their selection of specific buildings. All the above office complexes can be found in the CBRE portfolio.