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Jun 11, 2015

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year – to be awarded for your office

CBRE reconstructed their office in Palladium in 2013, and as Richard Curran, the Managing Director of CBRE put it:  “We especially wanted to bolster communicating and teamwork among our staff. At first, our employees had reservations about the new concept, as the concept of not having your own workplace was perceived to be not very inviting.  After one year, our survey has shown that 98% of our employees evaluate our office as a pleasant place to work. The first annual CBRE competition surprised me by how many companies in the Czech Republic think alike and take pride in their office space. I am looking forward to new surprises this year.”

Skanska sees benefit in joining the forces of individual partners, creating an environment where people enjoy rotating. Marie Passburg, Managing Director of Skanska Property Czech Republic added, “We decided to support this year’s Meeting Room of the Year competition as a General Partner because we believe that this kind of competition could really enrich the market. Our efforts are reflected in the category we created - the Office for Future Challenges - which is where we appreciate companies who take into account theirs as well as their employees’ future when creating working environment. We hope that our participation in the jury helps to put meaning to this effort.”

New office concepts could not arise if it were not for new technologies. Ivo Němeček, Regional Sales Manager, Commercial Sales and Channel Partners at CISCO said: “We participated in the first annual CBRE Meeting Room of the Year project last year. It confirmed that an innovative working environment that aims to improve working conditions and cooperation among colleagues is closely linked to the use of modern communication technology that our company develops and offers. This year brings interesting media platforms and I believe that, thanks to this, there will be a significant rise in the number of applicants.”

Boris Zupančič, ‎Marketing Manager CZ, HU, SK at Philips, deals with light quality issues in innovative offices, said: “We believe that every member of staff wants to work in an environment where they love to return to every day, so why not create this kind of office where creativity, positive approach and the employees’ quality are supported. CBRE Meeting Room of the Year meets each of these criteria.”

Veronika Kollarovits, Workplace Consultant Growth Markets at Steelcase, when expressing her view on the cooperation said, “We bring a human face to the business by studying how people work, wherever their work takes them. These findings help organizations create working environments that fulfil the expectations of the employees and help them achieve higher productivity. The CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition emphasizes how important it is for organizations to use the workspace to motivate and actively connect the employees to the corporate culture.” 

And, in reply to how important corporate culture is for Vodafone, Daniela Hylmarová, HR business partner at Vodafone said: “The working environment is very important for motivation and creating a comfortable working atmosphere. Therefore, meeting rooms and offices play an important role in the way employees work. Let’s not forget that even if companies have beautiful spaces, it is good to offer their employees flexitime and home office or even a coffee bar to ensure an opportunity to work in an environment they perform their best. A diverse environment lends itself to inspiration.”

The Czech Green Building Council is the professional guarantor of the Green Office category. Simona Kalvoda, the Executive Director for The Czech Green Building Council stated, “More than one hundred administrative buildings which receive our certificate LEED or BREEAM1) show that companies place an increasing emphasis on a healthy and economical environment. This trend is common across all developed economies and thus also has its place in the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition.”

Each company has an opportunity to take part in the competition. You can inspire others or be inspired by current office trends. 

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