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Mar 6, 2015

One Year On CBRE Employees Are More Satisfied with their Offices

CBRE, a global real estate consulting company, decided to completely renovate their office space in Prague. When the management of the company informed their employees that the new concept would mean most of them would have no chair or table “of their own”, many employees did not like the idea.

After a year in the new office, the forty CBRE employees who moved from the old to new concept in Palladium Offices, Prague perceive the change positively. This is supported by a questionnaire-based survey prepared for the employees by Ian Bryan Architects at the end of the last year. The studio is the architect of the new CBRE offices.

The architect divided the standard open space into smaller workplaces,  equipping the space with telephone booths for private calls and a bar in the reception area. The employees choose their workplace every day, cooperating with their colleagues on a common project one day and working in a small office alone to concentrate on work the next. The possibility of choosing their own work space is what employees regard as the greatest change for the better. They also like the representative reception and the interior as a whole. A resounding one hundred percent of the respondents, approached through an anonymous questionnaire, stated that they were proud of their working environment and that it expressed the philosophy of the company.

The architect also wanted to know what could be improved in the new office space. For example, the employees said that the acoustics of the telephone booths and other parts of the space could be improved. Some employees would welcome a reservation system for selected meeting rooms or the relaxation zone, while others would prefer bigger private lockers. However, in general, the employees are more satisfied with their new working environment as seen in the responses (see the charts).

The original article from Hospodarske noviny can be found here.