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Dec 9, 2015
A record 81 companies entered the competition, from which the jury chose 33 finalists.

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year - finalists have been announced

CBRE, the world leader in the commercial real estate sector, is organizing CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition for the second year running, which aims to show inspiring office spaces in the Czech Republic. The professional jury is composed of Taťána le Moigne, Marie Passburg, Richard Curran, Tomáš Jindříšek, Pavel Maurer and Petr Šimůnek, selecting the finalists which will compete in three different categories, including Meeting room of the Year, the Office as DNA of the company and the Most Attractive Working Environment. The competition in the Healthy Office category will be decided by the Czech Green Building Council and the Future-Proof and Innovative Offices category will be chosen by a professional jury from Skanska.

says Petra Lávičková, Head of Corporate Marketing & PR, CBRE, which is the promoter and organizer of the competition.

"We greatly appreciate the participation by Eva Jiřičná and all the jurors, who faced difficult decisions this year. The offices of individual contestants have opened many lively discussions and currently there is no clear leader in the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition. I’m also curious whether the jury and the general public in the Public Voting will agree on the finalists and winners", says Petra Lávičková, Head of Corporate Marketing & PR, CBRE, which is the promoter and organizer of the competition.                  

In the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition, 81 companies across various industries and regions of the Czech Republic have registered. The expert jury chose 33 finalists evaluating the working environment of participants in terms of design, originality, innovation, practicality and location.

says Eva Jiřičná, Chairwoman of the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year jury

"I often see the current trend and a notion that the more things and a variety of materials and colours being used, the more attractive the space. We can think about and try to implement all our ideas, however, I think it’s necessary to take the following step and reduce everything that is out of limit. In life, it is also important to be able to distinguish superfluous and unnecessary things. The same is true for arranging and creating office spaces – they need to be designed in such a way as to reinforce the main idea and purpose of the space and make people feel good in their offices," says Eva Jiřičná, Chairwoman of the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year jury.

The winners will be selected according to the main criteria and the publication of all categories, including the winner of the Public Prize, will take place early next year. 

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year Finalists

Allen & Overy LLP
Amazon Logistic Prague
Apiary Czech Republic
Blue Dynamic
Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna
D.A.S. Rechtsschutz AG, pobočka pro ČR
Etnetera Group
eVisions Advertising
Home Credit
Channel Crossings
LAMA energy
M + M zfp
madeo ventures
MetLife Europe Limited, pobočka pro ČR
MSD IT Global Innovation Center
Ogilvy & Mather
Paper Hub (Paralelní Polis)
PRK Partners, advokátní kancelář / BDO Tax


About CBRE Zasedačka roku

The competition is announced and covered by CBRE, the world leading company in the field of real estate services and investment. The chairwoman of the jury will be the famous architect and designer Eva Jiřičná. The general partner is SKANSKA, and the main partners are CISCO, Philips, Microsoft, Steelcase and Vodafone. With Moser, Darkside and the Czech Green Building Council being partners. Forbes, Hospodářské noviny, Jobs.cz, Direkt, Kancelář snů and PRIMA Living cover the competition in the media. For more details about the competition see www.zasedackaroku.cz.