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Nov 18, 2015
Building a low-energy office offers many benefits for the company’s owners and their employees, not to mention the unquestionable benefits for the environment. There as as much as 278,000 of certified/green square metres mostly in and around Prague.

The benefits of low-energy offices

If you are a developer building a new administrative building, or a tenant looking to rent an office and you want to ensure low energy consumption to the full, then read this article. In addition to carefully choosing a low-energy office, do it in such a way that will help you save a considerable amount on operating costs.

Save while taking the environment into account

Why do people build low-energy houses? They want to save on operating costs, in many cases saving half the cost of energy for heating their homes. Now, imagine how much a company could save by moving into a low-energy building.

Dramatic savings, of course, depending on their actual energy consumption. For some companies, it is also very important that their economic behaviour helps the environment.

Although tenants save on operating costs, they usually have to take into account higher rents in these buildings. As these buildings are often very proud of some of their LEED or BREEAM certificates, they usually offer much more quality spaces.

Buildings with almost zero energy consumption

Provided developers build on a greenfield, appropriate technologies for smart and low-energy buildings can be designed directly into the building. Thanks to these technologies, buildings with nearly zero energy consumption are on the rise even here in the Czech Republic. Renewable energy sources are also used. In these cases, it is with quality well-designed projects with sufficient insulation and a natural supply of renewable sources.

Developers also need to consider the location of the building, employing proper site selection methods to either use or, conversely, decrease the intensity of solar radiation, thus cutting the costs of heating, cooling and especially artificial lighting.

Experts agree that the Czech Republic lacks people who understand construction

This is the headline of an article that appeared on 17.9. 2015 in Hospodářských novinách.

Daniel Štys, head of the Operations Department in Building Administration at CBRE reacted to this article, as did others.

“A person who goes to work doesn’t just perceive their office but also their surroundings, the restaurants and transport. It’s a jigsaw puzzle of different aspects,” said the head of Operations Department in Building Administration at CBRE, a consulting company. He added that if the building is ugly, the people inside do not feel well. A similar negative impact on employees occurs when a beautiful construction has technology that does not work. “You can’t even get people there,” claims Štys.

According to him, maintenance workers are not sufficiently trained in building administration and are not able to solve all the problems that can occur in low-energy or smart buildings: “You have to have an expert who is able to evaluate the data collected and adapt the operation of the building to the people, not just the building itself. We have a deficit of highly educated people and those who are able to manage intelligent buildings.”

Today’s office buildings with certificates  

“There isn’t any building these days without some certificate,” Daniel Štys went on to state, and this trend is due to investors from the West.

Potential tenants prefer certified buildings because they have a guaranteed quality in these important parameters:

  • A healthy and comfortable working environment for their employees (and such companies could join the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition)

  • Lower operating costs

  • The added value of corporate social responsibility

  • Improved presentation on the market

Administrative buildings with certification

Which buildings can boast certificates and low-energy demands? In our portfolio you can choose from offices with LEED or BREEAM certificates.

1/3 of our administered portfolio have been certified.

Buildings with LEED certification

Have a look at the buildings we have currently on offer that can boast the LEED certification.

Name of Building


Certificate Level

City Green Court

Skanska Property

Platinum 83/110



Gold 65/110



Platinum 82/110

Jindřišská 16

Immofinanz Group

Gold 69/110

Jungmannova 15

Immofinanz Group

Platinum 80/110

Na Příkopě 14 - Retail / Office Development

Lordship / Immofinanz Group

Gold 63/110

Qubix 4

Construction and engineering company

Platinum 86/110

Buildings with BREEAM certification

Have a look at the buildings we have currently on offer that can boast of BREEAM certification.

Name of Building


Certificate Level

Atrium Flora

Atrium European Real Estate

Part 2: Excellent 72.01%

BB C - Building G

Passerinvest Group

Very good 67.2%

Jungmannova Plaza

Jungmanova Plaza

Part 1, Part 2: 56% Very Good

Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Towers

Impact-Corti / WestInvest Waterfront Towers

Part 1: Very Good 58 %, Part 2: Very Good 66 %

Myslbek Building

AEW Europe

Part 1: Very Good 55.52%, Part 2: Very Good 59.04%

Nová Karolina Park

Passerinvest Group

Good 49.5%

Palác Anděl

Aberdeen Prague Core

P1: 60% Very good, P2: 73% Excellent

Panorama Business Center

Deka Praha First Real Estate

Part 1: Good 44.10%, Part 2: Very Good 55.23%

River Gardens Prague (Office Development)

RiGa Office West

Very good 57.47%

Smíchov Gate (Plzeňská 3217/16)

AEW Europe

Part 1: Very Good 59.43%, Part 2: Very Good 59.36%

Gemini Office

Deka Praha First Real Estate

Part 1: Very Good 64 %,

Part 2: Excellent 71 %

How can tenants cut costs?

A very important part of constructing energy efficient offices is to establish rules by the owners of the company.

Here are a few rules that management and their employees should adhere to:

  • Turn off consumer electronics – Turn all devices off at night, at the weekend, and any other time no one is in the office for an extended period.

  • Use sleep mode - When you go to lunch or coffee with colleagues, use the sleep mode on your computer or laptop. In this mode, your computer has a very low power consumption and wakes up faster, so you're instantly right back where you left off.

  • Replace old with new - Consider buying laptops, because they consume up to 70 or even 90% less energy than desktop computers.

  • Get rid of old monitors - Dispose of old monitors, get monitors with LED screen. They use up to 90% less energy.

  • Do not obstruct the light of day - lighting office space in daylight is very wasteful behaviour. Make use of daylight efficiently.

  • Reduce unnecessary printing of documents – Try to get your employees/colleagues to lower the frequency of using a printer and print only those documents they they really need and use.

Interesting sources and links

  • CBRE Sustainable office guidelines – A guide to the sustainability of office buildings in English. You will learn the most important advice and principles. How best ensure the health of employees? How to promote healthy travel to work? Or how to responsibly use resources?

  • Follow CBRE Green Blog. The English-language online magazine Green Perspective (Zelená perspektiva) is a global blog on the sustainability of buildings. Experts from CBRE provide news, opinions and commentary.  

  • Sustainable Shopping Centres (Energy, Performance and Value) - Reducing energy costs for retailers is equal to a 5% increase in sales. And that's worth it, isn’t it? Download the PDF document in English. You will learn many interesting facts about the business centres and the energy efficiency and sustainability of these buildings.