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About the team

About the team

We are a team of senior consultants with long-term practice in our field. We are familiar with every detail of the buildings we manage – this includes everything from operation and administration, to maintaining good relationships with the rest of the tenants. The goal is to keep them satisfied so they stay in the buildings for an extended period of time. Reliable, impartial and independent professionals will guide you through the process from the beginning to the end, with everything from budget planning to negotiating with owners and tenants. Reporting of the whole process is a given.

What can we help you with?

  • Proactively approach potential tenants, introducing them to the complete service of CBRE and preparing individually targeted renting strategies.
  • Creating an overview of suitable properties in the chosen locality, including a presentation and blueprints.
  • Securing tours of selected objects.
  • Preparing a comparison and analysis of conditions of selected objects.
  • During the negotiations of conditions for the lease agreement, we'll consult you on the market standards.
  • Negotiating optimal agreement terms and drawing up a clear summary of the “Heads of Terms” based on them.
  • Helping existing tenants with the extension of their lease agreements (including in the case of an expansion).
  • Monitoring the development on the market; this includes providing a reporting about the current demands and market development for the owners.
  • Cooperation on budget planning.
  • Regular contact with existing tenants in case of their additional needs.
  • Cooperation with the property management with regard to the building operations and recommending possible steps for improvement of the services and the appearance of the building.

Five advantages of this service:

  • Thanks to well-established relationships with landlords, we know the situation in the building and maintain good relationships with the tenants as well.
  • We offer all services in-house, which means faster and more effective communication.
  • We always act professionally and follow the RICS principles.
  • We can evaluate the situation well and map potential risks.
  • We offer complex services: operations, project management, new offices concepts, accounting, tax consultancy, etc.

Landlord representation team

Jiří Cacák - Senior Consultant

+420 602 308 444, jiri.cacak@cbre.com

Michaela Čálková - Consultant

+420 725 779 655, michaela.calkova@cbre.com

Klára Kabátová - Senior Consultant

+420 605 584 111, klara.kabatova@cbre.com

Kateřina Havlová - Associate Director, Head of Landlord Representation

+420 777 962 401, katerina.havlova@cbre.com



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